It is with great sadness that we inform you that Chris van der Lingen passed away on friday September 30th 2011 at his beloved Bocas del Toro. For any questions regarding outstanding Morh Guide and/or Dendrocare orders, please contact me via e-mail.

Christian Wiegman (Son / Webmaster)

The Poisondartfrogs in the Dendrobatidae-family live in, or near the rainforests of center- and South Amerika. Their colours, activity and the way they take care of their eggs and larva are some of the reasons why these frogs are often used as pets. When I started with my first vivarium 33 years ago, only wild animals were available. Only a few people in Holland managed to breed these species.

Currently these animals are being bred in large numbers by many people. Importing these animals has become almost completely unnecessary.
This website provides information on how to set up your vivarium, start breeding your own frogs and take care of them properly.

Good Luck!

Chris van der Lingen


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